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Rev. Fr. Philip S. Armstrong, Presbyter 2716 N. Dobson Rd. Chandler, AZ 85224 (480) 899-3330 (Located South of Elliot Rd on Dobson Rd) Church e-mail : office@st-katherine.org Email Fr. Phil : skpriest@yahoo.com Office hours: Monday - Closed Tuesday Thru Thursday 9:30am - 3:30pm Friday - Closed Closed from 12:00 to 1:00pm for lunch. Sunday Service Schedule: 8:30 AM Orthos 9:30 AM Divine Liturgy
St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Chandler AZ 85224
Message From Father “cultivating Our Relationship with the Saints” From our very formative years in the Faith we have been enamored and intrigued with saints. Whether it be via Sunday School, bulletin inserts or sermons; they have captured our interest and attention. This is also true with our relationship with our patron saint – the one whose name we received at Holy Baptism. Perhaps our parents or godparents told us the story of our saint. What made them special? What miracles did they do? What pious teachings did they leave us? How did they finish their earthly journey? Where did they live? We are excited to learn these things. Some of us may have received an icon of our patron saint. Maybe it hangs on the wall in our bedroom where we do our prayers. One thing is sure, we constantly see this image many times a day. Maybe this causes us to think about him/her. It may move us to do our cross and say a brief prayer. Unfortunately, for some, these images may recede into the background and go unnoticed. How sad this is. The Church has always intended and encouraged us to cultivate relationships with the saints. They were never intended to be distant and far removed from our personal lives. They were meant to be our spiritu-al family; they were meant to be befriended and companions on life’s journey into eternity. You see the very thing they became; we are summoned to be. Remember the words of God to Moses in Lev. 11:44-45, “be holy for the Lord your God is holy”. St. Paul reminds us in I Cor. 1:2 that we are “called to be saints”. The Holy Scriptures are clear that our destiny is sainthood. The Church, through Its Holy Mysteries, has provided many saints. She has provided us the saints to serve as our guide and helpers on the path to holiness and sainthood. We were meant to talk to them in prayer. They communicate and reveal to us the “how to” of becoming a saint. They communicate to us in our heart (also referred to as nous or intellect). They, also, pray to God for us. In the spirit of apprecia-tion, we should thank them in our prayers before their icons. We should observe their annual feast day (the day the Church has dedicated to their memory). We should strive to commit their lives to memory. Their virtues were meant to be imitated. We are called to learn from them how to response to life’s chal-lenges. They have much to offer us. During the month of August, the Church places before us the greatest of saints – the Holy Theotokos and ever virgin Mary. In fact, the first fifteen days of this month are dedicated to her with a fourteen day fast – the Dormition Fast and the Feast Day of the Dormition. Everyone was intended to cultivate a personal relationship with the Panagia (All Holy). We are encouraged to talk to her in prayer and seek her help and intercessory prayers. She is a great and powerful aid for those on the path to sainthood. She is, espe- cially, helpful for those who are striving to be pure. We should ask for her help. The following prayer to her for purity will help you immensely: “Holy Mary Mother of God intercede to Your Son and our God to grant me the gift pf purity”. She, speedily, sends her help to those who ask. In closing, let us make it our aim to cultivate our relationships with the saints. In so doing, we will find the help and grace to pursue our call to holiness and sainthood. Love in Christ, +Fr. Phil
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All St. Katherine services will be streaming live on the St. Katherine Facebook Page during the scheduled service times. Please worship with us from your home so that we may all pray together during this extraordinary Lenten trial.
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